If you are looking for a transcriptionist who can transcribe can accurately transcribe your dictations.  If your prime concern is speed and delivery so you need a good transcription partner then contact Transhiva.com now for our dictation transcription services for lowest pricing and quick turnaround time than any other transcription service providers.

The timeframe of the delivery of the transcripts never depends upon the volume of our work we are always finish our work in a short duration of time. When you will choose Transhiva.com as you’re to transcribe dictation then you will definitely provide a competitive edge to your business.   

Dictation Transcription Service

Here are the lists of examples in which you need to have transcription of dictations:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Survey reports
  • Business meetings
  • Medical diagnosis reports
  • Meetings
  • Insurance reports
  • Medical diagnosis reports

Why online dictation transcription from Transhiva.com?

Transhiva.com provides you with quality based services for both individuals and business. We always aim to make our transcription services more advanced than other do. We provide our customers with an efficient dictation transcription by hiring only experienced and trained transcripts that have a finest vocabulary. 

We exhibit more user friendly upload and download methods. We offer our clients with verbatim transcription by which make literal transcription of the media file when you prepare entire conversation. Every transcription which we produce is gone through multiple rounds of quality checks in order to generate finest quality of outputs. So all together we ensure that every word that be transcribe is accurate.

Benefits of dictation transcription services outsource

Here are some of the advantages to outsource dictation transcription services:

  • With the use of strategic transcription process and modern transcription tools to get perfect transcriptions
  • Provide you with short timeframe delivery
  • Productive pricing schemes through which we are able to match your requirements
  • We provide customized pricing packages that can suit your transcription requirements
  • We have a team of experienced and qualified transcripts who are capable of delivering different assents accurately.


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