need of interview transcription services.pngFor fundamental procedure to convert the verbal share of research, interview conversation for the focus group is considered as interview transcription services. This type of service works on the recorded formats in form of question and answers round between the interviewee and the interviewer which is then transcribed accurately in clear text format. Transcription business is designed to convert speeches into written texts or in electronic documents.

Use of formats

The format of the text solely believes on the format of the medium that is utilized whether it is analog text or digital text formats. The analog is not in the use these days due to presence of few affordable typewriter equipments. The digital text formats are more common as it includes HTML, PDF files, RTF files and MS word documents etc. These types of documents are perfect and generate 100% accuracy and clarity for the future use.

Proof reading

Apart from verbal recording is converted into text formats in this context an important procedure is there is which is “proofreading” which is a significant portion of interview transcription services. The text document is reconsidered by the professional transcribers. In this way everything is checked grammar, languages, listening errors Missing punctuations, spelling mistakes and slang capitalizations. This check is done by the professionals carefully and professionally by the team of experts. This guarantees you with 100% accuracy and clarity of the results. After proofreading of the text contents gets completed then the files are sent to the owner in a secure way. After the text proofreading is done the text is gets completed and then the file is sent.

These application leads to question how to have such services. Interview Transcription services are beneficial for interviews, governmental agencies, online video channels,  television channels, freelancers, news broadcasting agencies, research based reporters,  private offices, and others.

Reasons behind the requirement of such services:

  • The text documents are transcribed is clear to read, understandable when it is compared to listen to the whole interview.
  • The transcripts that are in text are very comfortable and easy to use and when you publish it on the web. It would be beneficial to post the RSS feeds, groups, posting blogs, groups and forums.
  • If you consider of the SEO then the advanced search engine robots will understand the text format much better. It helps to rank higher in SERPs of blog and podcasts along with the keyword specifications. When you will find the blog site and podcast in the transcription section then it becomes easy.

There are many reasons why the interview transcribers are in huge demand.

Why to outsource interview transcription services

As there is a number of interviews thus the interview transcription assignment is very time consuming thus outsourcing is more faster option. To outsource the interview transcription services it helps to save the time, resources and operating costs. By outsourcing the interview transcription services you can concentrate more on business and will able to get access to the transcribed files accurately.

Transhiva provides you with interview transcription services

  • Business interviews
  • University interviews
  • Research interviews
  • Lectures on a particular subject
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Teleconferences
  • Group discussions
  • Round table interviews
  • Psychological interviews
  • Webcast interviews
  • Job interviews

Benefits of outsourcing interview transcription services

There are a number of benefits for outsourcing the interview the transcription services such as:

  • You can save time on the resources
  • You will get access to cost effective transcription services
  • You will get accurate transcribed files

Why to choose Transhiva for outsourcing the interview transcriptions?

  • Provides cost effective services
  • 98% accuracy
  • Professional Interviews transcription 
  • Very fast turnaround time
  • Your data will be under strict security and confidentiality  




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