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It is very important to transcribe the sermons in today’s world. Here are some of the reasons why transcription of sermon is important:

  • You can make multiple things such as slideshow, blog posts or series of articles with the help of sermon transcription re-purposed. Although church is not the business but it can be used as business principles.
  • For many of the families transcribing the sermon is a potential blessing. These families may face many challenges but if they have a transcribed copy of sermon for reading then this can help them to overcome these challenges.
  • Apart from these if you want to search the audio or video recordings of sermons in the search engines you will not able your find as it is not designed see video or hear audio. But if you have transcribed sermon you can enhance the optimization of search engine. Thus it can reach to a wider audience.
  •  The foreign speakers will not able to pose the same conceptual understanding of English but with sermon transcription they will able to understand it.
  • The transcription of sermon you get a greater accessibility.
  • With the sermon transcription you get it in the text format and you can make an E-book of it. There are many different ways by which you can format the E-book by making it bold, text colour, italic which will help in pointing out Bible’s verses and lists. You can even customize the layout or the fonts also.
  • With the blending of sermon with this new age of technology. For the e-book readers this text helps a lot. Transcripts are very portable and is very portable than MP3 player. People around the world can easily look and read the contents of these transcripts with the help of their smartphone or tablet devices.


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