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Transcription service is an old phenomenon. From 17th century people have been transcribing and at present it has evolved as the essential for business service. It will be very helpful for you if you produce a lot of audio and visual content for the clients, audience or customers.

Before going ahead here are some of the facts that how demanding is transcribing task and how important it can be for your business:

  • On an average we speak at 150 to 170 words per minute and if you speak a lot then it would increase more so on an average a person can speak 10,000 words per hour.
  • We speak 4 times more than we type and 7 times more what we write.
  • A professional transcripts type about 80 to 100 words per minutes. Thus to transcribe a recorded audio of 1 hour takes 4 to 6 hours to transcribe the full audio file.

What transcriptionists transcribe accurately?

Some of the most common transcribed items that the transcriptionists transcribe accurately are webinars, interviews, podcasts, films, videos, conference speeches, and disciplinary hearings.

Why to transcribe these things?

Often there are many organisations and business that make use of the transcribed items legal, proceedings, blog posts, data analyses, website contents, social media strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and newsletters and in form of downloadable contents such as e-book, PDFs, white papers.

Why all these things are important?

  • If you want to make you’re Audio or video contents to reach a wider audience then you need to transcribe your audio or video so that you can make use of it in SEO campaign in order to drive traffic to your business website so that your SERP get improved.
  • You can easily publish and distribute the recordings of the business or scientific or academic material to others by transcribing them.
  • To make the film, TV and video contents more accessible and user-friendly for those people who have hearing problem and for those people who have problem with the language of the video can also get benefited by captioning. Thus it is really helpful for making things to understand.

YouTube videos captioning

There are many successful YouTubes who know that captioning attracts the followers from non-English speaking countries to subscribe their videos. By captioning the video it makes it user friendly, more appealing and even makes a connection to their audience easily.

How the business gets benefited by transcription?

For an instance think about the online audio and video contents were you will find it on YouTube obviously, there are many who does not look at the video, there are many gadgets which are unable to open YouTube videos, due to inappropriate network your video cannot stream. As a result it will be unable to reach a greater audience. But you convert these video and audio into downloadable PDFs and E-book or other publications then you can easily share with a greater number of audience without spending time in streaming the content. You can make use of transcriptions whenever it is applicable for your business or helpful in supporting website in social media.

So think how your business will productively increase, profitability and make profits by transcribing the contents so that it gets targeted to a large audience or customers.




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