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With the increase of online universities and colleges they have started offering their students with many online courses. With the help of laptops and PCs, students are now able to interact in live classroom which offered by these online colleges. These online learning experiences are integrally based on audio or video lessons. Mainly here webcasting technique is used, it helps in delivering audio and video presentations over the world via internet. It even help the lecturers to present their lessons online or conduct quizzes and for delivering academic presentations. Sounds very tricky right... If it is so important then what the use if you are not able to achieve the webcasts! But this is extremely impossible. Thus the necessity of webcast transcription arises.

You can even use these webcasts as libraries for searching and retrieving the browse information but the major obstacle which prevents these from becoming digital library is because it is in spoken form.  But when it is in form of text then it facilitates in scanning and browsing the webcasts recordings archives. It even makes it easily searchable from search engine as the search engines do not index video and audio files but the texts. You may make use of automatic speech recognition software to automatically generate transcripts but the performances of these softwares are not so accurate. Thus the benefits of transcription services arise.




When you making use of automated speech recognition software it may mismatch between the lecture’s language and the predictive language model which the software uses. The software may have problem in understanding the style of speech, large vocabularies and accent of the lecturer and if such a mismatching arises then it may result in errors.  And the lecturer will find it difficult to archive a poor webcasts which take a lot of time to correct and may leads to problematic situation for both the lecturer and the students. When you rely on transcriptions service then they will take care of the accuracy which is done by a team of quality assurance. This team contains professional transcripts, proofreaders and editors. This team checks the lecture transcripts thoroughly before it is send back to you.


Capability to perform all type of text related processes

The transcriptions service helps to perform all the text related processes like summarization, transcription, simplification and annotation whereas the automated speed recognition only transcribe audio text of the webcasts.


Effectively captioning of video


Although you can make use of speech recognizing software to caption academic videos but by this process you will not get fully automated captioning. With the help of transcript, software can create captions easily. But this can question the accuracy of the caption as it may be not correct as the speech recognition recognizes the words or phrases which spoken rather what actually was spoken. This will to very time consuming to edit the captions and to ensure the identification, adjustments of sound effects and other kind of information. Thus outsourcing of transcriptions is beneficial and reduces workload, provides you with accurate webcast transcription on time.




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