Transcription is a procedure where spoken words are placed down in text form. The reason for the transcription is that although the audio and video recordings are very easy to make but it cannot be used so easily. You will find it difficult to search for a specific piece of information in any video or audio recordings. But when you transcribe the video or the audio recording in a usable format then you will be able to scan, search or share it whenever you want to do so. There are many people who make audio of video and transcribe them and some of them employ staffs for this task. This is the reason why you need to have Webinar transcription, we provide you with quick and easier transcription services that anyone offers.

Features of our Audio to Text Transcription Services:

Webinar transcription is a very difficult and time consuming task thus everyone go for a professional help. We have a large team of professional transcriptionists who are always available to provide you with quick and reliable services. Our qualified and experienced staffs provide you with:

·         Highly precise transcription services

·         Verbatim transcription or intelligent verbatim transcription

·         Academic formatting for the subsequent text

·         Proofreading and alteration of text

·         Webinar transcription 

As everyone known that transcription cannot be done accurately, it takes a specific skill and experience to generate highly accurate transcription. We do not provide you with cheap services by hiring anyone. We only hire the best qualified transcribers in comparison to any other sites. Our qualified team of transcribers provides a reputation to our site by satisfying the clients with their transcription services. Our transcribers are

·         Extremely qualified in transcription services.

·         Make use of the required hardware or software in order to perform their task.

·         Easily understand the language, dialects and accents that are spoken.

·         Make a strong hold of the subject area so that they can catch the webinar   transcription perfectly. 

Webinar Transcription Orders and Confidentiality

We have best team of transcribers who provide you with highly accurate transcription and deliver them when you need them. In fact we take guarantee that you will get perfect and highly accurate results. But if you are not satisfied with the result then either we will fix the problem or we will return all your money back. Apart from this all the transcription are kept confidential and proofreading is done twice of every transcription to ensure that it does not contain any writing errors. If you want to have a highly accurate and affordable webinar transcription services then do contact us.




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