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We have a deep experience in providing services that are related to video transcription. It is one of the leading names in the global market. When you outsource your projects its quality increases as it serves technology driven services for different industries. As our quality of the services has increased our range of clients also increased from schools to business firms, arts institutes to other different industries.

We have a number of valuable clients who have been with us from many years. Each and every client of us are very valuable as it help us in providing high quality Video Transcription Services which is beneficial for clients who have to compete in market. You just need to send us your video files of any format avi, mp4, mov, mxf, avid, hd videos and we will deliver you the transcript of your video. With provide you with on time precise audio video transcription services with exact results as you wish.

Video transcription services Transhiva provides

We have a team of professional audio video transcription professionals who provides you with high quality video transcription services for any type of audio visual videos such as:    


  •    Motion pictures
  •    Meetings
  •    Music videos
  •    Commercials
  •    Films
  •    Interviews
  •    Educational material
  •    Academic videos
  •    Police interview videos
  •    General recordings
  •    Surveillance recordings
  •    Television series
  •    Shooting scripts
  •    Seminars
  •    Conference proceedings
  •    Legal material
  •    Educational videos/materials
  •    Corporate training videos
  •    Documentaries 

Why to outsource video transcription services to Transhiva?

We provide customised audio-video transcription services and serve the clients who outsource their project from Transhiva. A well structured process need to be delivered to the client precisely.  It includes getting videos from the customer’s then conversion of video of video file. Then according to customers instruction and guidelines audio files are then transcribed. At the final step audio video file along with the transcribed material is sent to the customer.

At the time of video transcription process the team of experts align, format, research and proofread each and every transcribed files. At every level the quality of the transcribed files are checked and then after completion the task is send to the customer. Customer satisfaction is our main motive which is performed by our qualified staffs have experienced in transcription services for different formats such as field transcription, audio transcription, specified formats interviews.


Advantages of outsourcing Video Transcription services


  •   Team of dedicated transcribers who are expert in audio video transcription
  •   Competitive costs of video transcription services
  •   Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  •   Fast and accurate video transcription services
  •   Quality assurance
  •   Secured 256 bit highly secured encryption
  •   Completely secure, confidential and private
  •   Works on any transcription server and database
  •   FTP, browser based and email system based transcription of files.



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