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Business Transcription involves transcription of focus group discussion, recorded meetings, interviews, seminars, conferences, group discussions etc. It may include other type of information which includes exchange of information in a business world. Thus accurate transcribed information is required for smooth functionary of a business. Business transcription includes establishment of textual transcript of audio or video recordings of business interactions such as conferences, presentations, meetings, workshops etc. for various use. A special kind of transcription is required for this purpose from trained transcriptionists. The transcription companies which do Business Transcription projects are expert in handling these types of projects. In earlier times these types of transcriptions were carried out by in-house companies. But as the volume of the transcription increased, companies started to take help from external sources. These days transcription of business related recordings are mainly outsourced and has proved to be the turning point for the industry of business transcription.       

As per the business transcription is concerned our transcribers have a vast experience in handling various type of business transcriptions. Whether you want to have accurate–sensitive one to one interviews or multiple participants focus group transcription we possess all types of transcription work and so we are the best when the concern is of business transcription. 

Why it is necessary to have Transcription Services?

In order to avoid disputes and lawsuits you need to perform accurate business transcription.  When you choose the outsource transcription services then you will get many additional benefits such as: 

  • Accurate transcripts of recordings into letters and reports are sent to the clients, shareholders and customers.
  • The professionally transcribed transcripts help to have a record of important details.
  • Provides flexibility helps to transform digital contents such as podcasts, webinars and dictations into books such as physical books, eBook and courses.
  • Provides time and flexibility for having content strategy for product creation and SEO.


Why you need to use professional transcription company’s services? 

The secretary of the company or the office assistant can perform their transcripts in-house but they will fail to match the speed, efficiency of professional transcriptionists. So you don’t need to hire any employee for full time we employ professional transcribers who work on hourly basis, or part time to generate accurate and economic transcripts.

There are many reasons why organisations look for professional business transcription company’s help:

  • Professional transcribers are efficient in transcribing cent percent accurate transcripts.
  • 24x7 professional service and guaranteed quick turnaround time
  • Customised services as per the requirement of profession and industry.
  • Helps to eliminate the overhead costs and the standard hourly rates.
  • Handles a wide range of input file formats which includes (Mp3, WAV, Analog recordings etc.) and generates the output in customer specified formats PDF, .DOC, .DOCX or .TXT files.

Transhiva business transcriptionists generates flexible TAT and assist virtual business for large (corporate) as well as small businesses. The business services which we provide are transcription of mobile recordings, telemarketing, telephone conversations, teleconferencing, audit, group discussion, training session, seminars and speeches, one to one interview, and multiple speaker conversation, board room discussion, earning calls, annual meetings, report preparation and market research survey. 

There are a number of global clients who want their business deals to be transcribed.  In this process you have to send us digital audio outputs such as press releases, audio of meetings, forecast meetings, training sessions etc. These digital audio files are in any audio or video formats such as MP4, MP3 etc. Then these files are converted into text format. Then the final output is a transcribed version is then formatted as you specify. Then we deliver out the completed transcripts which are sent via email or by secured FTP this also depends upon your choice. 

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