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To reach a bigger and wider audience podcasts are effective way for describing your project and services. It provides a voice which influences the people to take action. But what will happen if you will convert the podcasts too easy to read and searchable text formats which will help it to reach a larger group of audiences. Thus here the need of podcast transcription comes.

Benefits of podcast transcription

90% information is search over internet with search engine account. Search engine cannot effectively include video, audio or other media files in search results and the result which it delivers rely only on metadata and text that accompanies the media. If you want to convert your podcasts to text then you fill find your podcasts to be searched in the search results.

This means that you will be easily recognized by the targeted group of people via the help of search engines. With audio you will get browseable and searchable text which your audio or video will not able to provide.


Advantages of transcribing podcasts into texts:


  • Providing text to podcasts helps to search and scan over the information. It helps to absorb every bit of important information which conveys what podcasts is about. For example imagine a customer can hear the podcasts and as well as scan the text of the audio. Then it will help to gather the information about the product and services which you can use in the podcasts for making the decision.
  • If you create the podcasts that is present in the marketing tool then it becomes difficult for the customers to listen to the podcasts unless it generates extra ordinary difference in its first impression. The customers need more time to listen to the podcasts whereas on the same time they can able to surf over tons of text.
  • Podcasts has the inability to get browsed and to get scanned by people and restrict peoples from having information about what people offers. Text copy of the audio offers the ability to search, scan and print information.


Outsource podcasts transcription services for Transhiva

Transhiva provides accurate transcription of podcasts at very cost effective prices. The audio and podcasts transcription features we provide:


  • We have a team of expert transcribers who have a wide level of experience and who works with you to understand the requirement and can work with the objectives to work in the timeframe.
  • We work with various formats such as dss, wav, mov, mp4, mp3, wma, aiff, mpeg4, ra files etc and help to transcribe into text formats.
  • We provide customized process for each customers as the need varies from customer to customer. 


Transhiva’s podcasting transcription process:


  • You can even send your recordings to us or even can upload the files storage site from where we can download it. Apart from this you can even send us the link of your podcasts from where we can download the file from the website or wherever it is stored.
  • The professional transcribers listen to the files from word by word and for converting the text with listening and type process.
  • We use the audio to text conversion tools for improving the accuracy and speed of conversion process.
  • The team of proof readers and quality team check the transcribed documents to generate accurate and error free transcripts.
  • Finally cleaning up and testing up errors and fixing ensures complete accuracy.
  • Finally the transcribed files are sent to the customers. 


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