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What are the essential things necessary for transcribing audio to text? If you ask this question to a good transcription service provider then their answer would be extreme high attention and good at both hearing and typing.

The general saying is that transcribing audio to text is not as simple as typing not it is as simple as listening to a recording at one-pass. The time consumed, labour required are the main things that has made transcription process to grow so vast in today’s busy work.

We make everything more efficient and easy for you so that you can focus on your work and do what you love to do. This is the reason why we have transformed thousands of audio files into 99% accurate transcripts of spoken words.   


If you are new to transcribing audio then you need to understand few things:

  1. How much it costs: Our transcription service pricing are more fair that any other company. We keep everything straightforward and allow real turnaround time and ensure that quality and time is maintained.
  2. How long it takes to transcribe audio to text: You will believe it or not that to transcribe one hour of audio requires full workday. We even encourage our clients to try out few minutes of transcription by their own then they will definitely able to known our service value. We trade upon time but also save you from pain of generating accurate transcript. We look for those clients who come to us if they care about quality and verbatim output.
  3. How long it take: Though due to such a lengthy process transcription helps you in determining the speed of turnaround. Even we provide custom turnaround time service. For any of our product you can order from anywhere sitting at any corner of the world. You may find transcription services online which advertise of quick turnaround, but in their terms you will find many cautions also, which are for extending the turnaround such as large file sizes, difficult audio, long recordings, hour in length etc. in addition to it our competitors will never be able to reach us and match our cost effective accurate transcript.
  4. How to start: Unlike other audio/video transcription service provider we removed the need of creating an account with login details or other nuisances. By providing a answer to a question of contact info and formatting preferences helps you in eliminating the stress and the process of time consumption process for transcribing audio to text.  You can place your order and then get back to your work again. 

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