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To provide its clients with professional transcription is mandatory for Transhiva. We know that it is possible to transcribe video file with the use of voice recognition software and other means which are available. We have many experiences which are shared by some of our clients who say that voice recognition software does not provide accurate transcription results. More than inaccuracy there are many other issues which will let you opt for professional transcription from a company who has a clean track record in providing transcription services for company and as well as individual clients.

Here are some the reasons why you need to choose Transhiva:

On time delivery

If you have an urgent need of video transcription services then you need to contact Transhiva. We provide video transcription services at quick turnaround time. Although it is not as convenient as audio transcription then too we provide you with 99% accurate transcription before the time limit.

Superior Quality

We commit to provide you with superior quality video transcription.  If you decide to make use of voice recognition software then you will get low quality transcripts. This does not provide you with the exact results of your video transcription. So we are available for transcribing videos for individual or even the organisation. To ensure that every clients gets access to high quality transcription which leads to recognition of goals of academic, business and individual clients. To ensure that the completed transcripts fulfil the desired quality of the client our team of skilled transcribers make use of manual method for transcribing videos. In addition to it the whole work is reviewed by the quality management team.        

Cost effective

The cost of the transcription service is calculated as per the charge for the service. The cost should be based on the amount of charge for a service, time and the quality of the complete script. There is a popular saying that cheap is expensive so we make sure that we protect our customers from falling into play of cheap transcription services which ends up as the most expensive venture in terms of time, quality and cost. Our affordable cost will suit your budget even for the students affordably.

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