Transhiva provides high quality transcription solutions. We are expert in supporting law offices, legal, back office companies, independent attorneys, court recording companies and various other associated legal professional transcriptions. 

Legal transcription is transcription of everything which ever takes place in the criminal and civil court systems and generating a hard copy of the documentation. The information which is transcribed are either dictated or recorded in the courtroom, law offices or at official settings. These data are recorded either on the tape or digital voice processing systems.

We are been working for all type of business and administrative related back office.

Time Stamping or Coding

Time Stamping is a critical requirement for television based transcription needs. According to customer specification we are efficient in satisfying different time stamp standards. They are:

  • Audio time coding styles
  • Time stamp according to subject
  • Time coding according to frequency

You will get a competitive price at Transhiva. We charge up to 0.85$/month audio files. There are a lot of happy customers who appreciate our Turn Around Time and the pricing method which is one of the best in the industry.

Legal Transcription Services     

We provide our clients a high quality of legal transcription services by making use of video and audio tapes. We offer customers with digital transcription services with the use of digital voice recordings.

We offer high quality legal Transcription services at every affordable rate. Legal Transcription is preparing of legal documents through dictation or written information.

We do drafting and filling up legal documents, tracking and calendaring other important works. We help in assisting the young attorneys in gaining experience for documenting relevant facts, trials and information pertaining to lawsuits, organisation and maintaining client’s files with the computer and related software. We even develop reference materials for research and document law.

Lawyers and attorneys get very much help by making documents that are related to the proceedings done at both civil and criminal proceedings. The information is received in the form of dictation or the recordings of courtroom hearings or other law offices are transcribed. The information of the courtroom is recorded over tape or in the form of digital voice processing system. Thus Legal Transcription is a process of transferring information of the recorded dictation in form of hard documents via the help of transcriptionists.

Legal transcriptionists, legal assistants and paralegals get benefited by preparing with the help of legal documents both written and dictated form of information. 

For drafting and filing of legal documents

  • Tracking and calendaring of important deadlines
  • Documentation of relevant facts and information which penetrated lawsuit.
  • Assists attorneys in preparing for trials
  • Maintain and organizing the clients files
  • Research of law documents with the use of computer and related software
  • Preparation of transcribing the documents

Legal assistants helps in performing transcription duties, setting up files, greeting clients, assisting in research, billing and in other office responsibilities which is a very hard job.

Legal Transcription Services pays you a great career which is very common now done at homes and is highly advantageous. It can be performed by anyone who comes from a legal background. But this requires a specialization which is utilized across career choices.

The legal transcription services outsource will be depenption profession drives a stdent on the new amendment done by US lawmakers. The legal transcrieady increase for the demand of trained professionals for becoming an expert in legal transcription services.

Transcription of legal dictation and recordings

Transhiva provides high quality legal transcriptions for the attorneys of the United States. We provide a quality controlled legal transcription services. The services which we offer, help in freeing up your trained, skilled and paid staffs and help them in concentrating on important and cost effective responsibilities which will help in getting a business of a company.

Here are some of our services which we provide:


  • Deposition Summaries and Police Reports By
  • Security-Rated Employees
  • Transcription Of Meetings, Interviews, Internal Affairs and Investigations
  • Legal pleadings
  • Interrogatories
  • Trials
  • Wire Taps
  • Same Day Turnaround is available for emergency documents.
  • Customized Internet Servers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Real estate
  • Subpoenas
  • Briefs
  • Court Proceedings
  • Letters to clients, other attorneys, judges, court clerks, agencies 

Online Legal Transcription Services

If you want a cost effective legal transcription then Transhiva is a better choice for you. We provide you with legal transcription services though audio, video tapes and digital voice recordings.

Each data which you will provide will be transferred via Internet and the final transcribed data will be delivered to your mail or you can download them over the internet. The legal files which you send to us are totally protected and secure as they are transferred over a totally secure server. We then provide you with personal code and password that let you will able to access or retrieve files at any time. For the security reasons we keep the transcripts on the system for a year, so that you can easily get your transcripts back, if it gets misplaced. The digital legal transcription provides a faster turnaround time, mailing of tapes, eliminating the time and expenses of transport. We can easily transport files in any of the format you need such as DSS, MP3 or WAV.

You can send us your recorded voice or data over the computer and can even upload the voice files to us over the Internet with the help of FTP or email service. We even transcribe your recordings in more than 100 languages including English via the help of certified translators and transcribers. Our translators and transcribers are expert in linguistic skills and are specialized in subject areas.

Outsource Legal Transcription

All the proceedings that take place in civil and criminal court are documented and are virtually transcribed this is legal transcription. This information which is transcribed are either dictated or recorded in the courtroom, deposition hearings, law offices or at less official settings. These data includes pleadings, reviews of administrative headings, question and answers etc. The process which is used in operating this legal transcription services is similar to legal and medical transcription industry in US.

Legal Transcription Services

The legal transcription services benefits both the attorney and customers for them w provide a delegate and legally supervised work and hand over to them. The attorneys realize that the productivity and the cost efficiency are maximized by using legal transcription services and paralegal services. 

Legal Transcription Services Users

Mostly the users of legal transcription services are the attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors of court and law firms. There are other users who are from insurance companies, legal departments, financial institutes, public utility companies, real estate, state and federal government agencies, publically funded legal service projects and community legal service programmers. All these users are from insurance companies,   corporate legal departments, real estate, financial institutions, public utility companies, title agencies, real estate and federal government agencies, publically funded legal service projects and community legal service programs. These users get benefited with lower cost rate which many Legal Transcription Service providers provide.

Legal Transcription includes drafting and filing of legal documents, tracking of important deadlines, calendaring, assisting attorneys so that it can help in their trials, documenting relevant facts and information  of lawsuit who use computer and related software and other reference materials for research and document law in preparing the documents used. Legal transcriptionists are very capable of undertaking paralegal duties as well.

For becoming a legal transcriptionists one needs to have a pronounced knowledge of American Law, law in general and its origin, legal application and reasoning, court system and many other details.


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