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Nowadays business make use of audio formats in order to communicate with the audience effectively. However many of them make use of old text documents. The textual transcripts of the audio recordings make it visible for a larger section of audience.

Transcribing audio to text based contents needs a right tool and an exceptional experience in communication, grammar, accuracy and language.    

Transhiva can easily transcribe any MP3 and MP4 transcription job. With the help of experienced team of transcribers and with 15 years of experience in dealing with customers has helped us in providing outsource online transcription services.

Transcription services of MP3 and MP4 from Transhiva

MP3 Transcription Services

MP3 transcription is transcription of recording of speech in MP3 format. It is the most common digital audio format which is mostly used these days.  

MP3 services which we offer includes:

·         MP3 digital dictations

·         MP3 transcription

·         MP3 audio transcription

·         MP3 to text

The main advantages of using MP3 format is its compactness and its high quality which makes it easier for the text transcription of MP3. People who make use of digital voice recorders those gets saved in form of voice file in the MP3 format. This is the reason why the digital transcription is related to MP3 transcription.

·         We have made it easy to upload the MP3 files on the server.

·         We provide secured uploading of data.

·         We deliver back the transcripts through the user friendly download link.

·         We provide MP3 transcription within the guaranteed time of 24 hours.

·         We fulfil the need of the customers even during the duration of delivery.


MP4 Transcription Services

Apart from MP3 transcription services, Transhiva even provides superior quality MP4 transcription. MP4 is the advanced version of older MP3 format. MP4 format exhibits a better quality encoding which helps in compressing the WAV audio format effectively than older formats yet efficient in delivering high sound quality which is better than the uncompressed recordings. The advantage of MP4 format is fast uploading via Internet, reduced transmission time, smaller in file size. 

Every day at Transhiva a majority of audio transcription customers make use of digital recording formats or make use of MP4 audio transcription for various industries around the world.


MP4 services which we offer includes:  

  • Mp4 CD transcription
  • Mp4 digital transcription
  • Mp4 audio transcription
  • Mp4 to text
  • Mp4 transcription

Why to choose Transhiva as a transcription service provider?  

All digital recordings such as MP4, MP3, WAV etc. formats are accepted for transcription purposes. We provide online achieve of your transcripts for 12 months after the transcripts are returned. We have a dedicated team of expert transcriptionists who are efficient enough in handling transcription project easily. 

Some of our benefits which we offer are competitive pricing, fast turnaround time, quality assurance process and high accuracy level. In order to outsource mp3 and mp4 transcription services contact us to get benefited with our excellent high quality work.


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