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Conference plays an common role in everyday life, whether you are a businessman, government official or doctor or a lawyer or even a ordinary company staff. In order to avoid forgetting of stuffs, you don’t need to just rely on simple manual records with the development of science and technology trends. Mobiles are convenient tool for recording.    

As compared to manual writing the recording can be beneficial for follow up work. If the recording consists of noisy part then the recording lowers down the accuracy. There are certain requirements for the phone recording.

Apart from all these obstacles you need to overcome them and obviously to do such difficult transcribing you will need to spend a lot of time in getting an accurate result. But, if you a lot of conferences or works to do, then how can spend your precious time for just transcribing one conference? Thus many of the people opt for the help of transcription services, which is the prior reason why nowadays conference transcription has become so popular. To have an efficient conference transcription people need to be concerned about the following points.

1.    Type of Conference

Transcription service provider such as Transhiva possess a number of professional transcripts for legal, medical, political, academic, television, commercial etc. which guarantees you in providing professional transcription services. Transhiva is specialized in providing following services: conferences of board, transcription of academic, transcription of manage, transcription of project management conferences, art conference transcription, medical conference transcription, political transcription, transcription of manager etc.

2.    Turnaround time

There are a lot of transcription services that Transhiva provides and can set different turnaround time which correspond to it. If you have other requirements then Transhiva provides you guaranteed competitive work within 24 hours.

3.    Confidentiality

 Transhiva makes use of 256 bit algorithm which ensures that your information is 100% secured. On the same time it even provides a singing of confidential agreement so that you need to worry anymore.

4.    Languages

As many companies work in conducting cross border business so for we not only transcribe the conferences in English but even transcribe conference in different languages. We posses transcriptionist from different countries, who provides reliable foreign languages that contains more than 20 languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese etc.

5.    Accuracy

It is the most important point which more people care about. Transhiva provides you with fully verbatim transcription services which ensures that transcripts fulfil all your expectations. We provide you with 100% customer satisfaction with 99% accuracy. Our accuracy will absolutely meet all your requirements.

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