Professional Outsourcing Webinar Transcription Services

These days E-learning and generating advertising strategies webinar plays a vital role. When you have interactive seminars that are posted online, this provides you with fresh materials and even with the interactive questioning. Video Webinar transcription provides you with cost effective mode that let you get engaged with peoples online. Anyone can participate through internet in any discussion or seminars. To make your webinar contents easily accessible for the audience and the search engine you need to document it.

Transhiva provides you with high quality webinar transcriptions which increase the profit earned by the business. When you have webinar transcription then you can reach to a lot of audience and it stays for long period in their mind.

To enhance the search ability of the webinar, transcription is the prior need you have embedded keywords that can easily searchable. You can even go through the webinar without any problem.

There are many firms and organization that outsource webinar transcription from a reliable and efficient service provider like us. We generate accurate results which will help you in saving time and money.

Webinars can be used for launch of product demos, exchange of views or for discussing business matters. You may find webinar in any format and in most cases it is in audio files. We have years of experience in the field of transcription services and is known for delivering incredible quality transcripts of social organizations, health care centres and market companies. Based on the client’s requirements we offer our customers with quality transcripts at affordable costs.

As you know that Question and answer sessions is the most common thing of a web conference and you will find a lot of disturbance at the background. But irrespective of such a disturbance we guarantee you with best quality and reliable webinar transcripts.

How webinar transcription helps in meeting business goals:

  • Videos can be excellent but as you know that search engines love good text contents. When we present the seminar’s audio content in the form of text then it can be easily optimized with the help of using right keywords. And it becomes easy for the search engine to find it and for enhancing the page rank.
  • When you transcript you get interactive user experience that helps in increasing the user engagements. Users tend to watch the full video when they contain subtitles and captions.
  • You can even make back-links of your video transcripts by creating and linking inbound links in order to attract others. You can link your video landing page by linking with the text transcripts. This will work well with the off page SEO.
  • Translated transcripts play an important role in promoting product for the international audiences. A different language digital transcription of audio can get more visibility.
  • The webinar transcripts can be used for the product and support documentation, whitepapers, infographics contents, slideshare transcripts, case studies and blogs.

With the combination of video and textual copy improves the e-learning opportunities and virtual training handbook. The webinar transcripts improves the communication in affordable way and help it in exploring many benefits, this option let your content get easily searched by the search engine which is a new level for marketing of webinar.

Our expert transcripts are skilled and expert in generating text conversion methodology uniquely which is the most essential part of transcription. We make use of the new software and hardware so that we provide you with accurate transcription. Our skilled transcribers are brilliant in decoding any accents and dedicated in handling this service so you do not have to worry about the security and the confidentiality of the documents. Thus if you need to transcribe your webinar then Transhiva can help you in getting all these benefits.

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