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Get quality transcripts offers excellent quality MP3 audio to text transcription services.

In this whole world MP3 audio format are the most popular and widely used audio recording format. Among every three audio recordings one of the usual formats is MP3 format and to generate quality transcripts it offers you with professional audio to text transcription services for your MP3 format. Podcasts and Webcasts are generally in the MP3 format and the text transcript of the webcasts and podcasts is the most essential to generate search engine ranking of your webcasts and podcasts.  

Transcribe Your Speech:

We are expert in generating word by word text transcripts of the recordings of speech which are in the Mp3 format. We offer you with audio to text transcription services of public speeches, spiritual discourages, lectures and demonstrations. We know the effort that is spend behind the preparing of lectures or speech and text transcripts which can serve as a record for legal proof or for reference use. The only way to reach a larger audience can be possible if you have something that is written in electronic text format. This can be beneficial for you to search anything easily and it is even beneficial when you are doing SEO of it. A text transcript is even beneficial when you want that your webcasts and podcasts must reach to those audiences who were not present at the time of the lecture or the speech was rendering. When you have accurate text transcripts then it will go a long way in solving all the problems.   

How can you send us your Mp3 audio files to us? 

If you have an audio recording of up to 500 MB then you can send it to us by logging into through the Get Quote option which you will find on the site. We will retrieve your recordings from our database that you upload after filling the form. If you have a recording which is above 500 MB then contact us.  

Why you need to have quality transcripts?

The quality of the transcripts solely depends upon the security and the confidentiality of the audio recordings. We email all your text transcripts in the encrypted format and provide you with the utmost security and privacy.

Cost Effective:
We have a fixed pricing structure for the all the customers for those who can afford and for those who will not able to. We provide the most quality transcripts at an affordable rate, just because of our expert transcribers are professionals and only generates high quality transcripts.

Turnaround Time: We provide quality transcripts even in small turnaround time. You can custom built your turnaround time just by contacting us and we will deliver your transcripts before the time. For further clarifications please do contact us.


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