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Transhiva is specialized in converting Voice to text in order to create high value document which can be easily read, achieved, searched or can be used for other purposes such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. There are several different ways for converting the speech to text, depending upon your needs. We provides you with the verbatim transcription, in this method the transcription captures even the uhhm, ah and false start of the speakers. This type of transcription can be used by the insurance companies or by the other specific legal purposes. Transhiva has known for delivering thousands of high quality verbatim transcripts for last 15 years.

If you have a transcription that contains words which are not in the original audio but as with its use the final transcripts has become more readable. As in the last past years the speech transcription has gained popularity, thus the speech recognition software has also increased. You will now find many apps speech to text recognition for Androids, Blackberry and iPhone. This type of application can be beneficial if you want to transcribe short phrases, where accuracy is not so important.

Take an instance that you are transcribing from third party application and you have to deliver it in front of the whole office the textual part. After finishing the talking after 10 minutes you will recognize that a half of the words are only recorded and they are completely different from what you said. Moreover you will even find that the punctuation and the grammar may also be incorrect. Apart from sorting the mess you can easily convert the audio to text most accurately by making use of human mind which even the automated technology lacks.    

With the advancement in the transcription services in order to make it faster and more accurate not only the technology can replace the human transcribers. In today’s world the accurate speech to text transcription done by the professionals are more accurate and the transcripts exhibits well meaning with accurate sentences and conversation. The business meetings the person or over the phone are recorded for later reference. Transhiva helps our business by converting the conversations into high value searchable documents which can be easily organised and achieved.

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