Why Verbatim Transcription 

Transcription is very important for an industry, if it is newly started or has already established. The meetings, seminars, business planning’s can be transcribed in order to produce a written record of what is discussed.

You can have transcripts from where the expressions such as “oh”, “ah”, “uhhmm”, “whoah” or so on are not omitted. The verbatim transcription includes every word, in this the transcribers types each and every word that are used in the verbal expression, or pause that the speakers uses. The verbatim transcriptions are perfect for legal transcriptions. For some of the meetings many of business still prefer verbatim transcription. To transcript such dictation properly software are not perfect to do so.       

Thus in order to perform verbatim transcripts for your business you need to need to assign this job to the human transcribers. The benefit of having transcription from human transcribers not only transcribes what they listen but even accurately indentifies the expressions made by the speaker while speaking which the computer programs fails to do so. Apart from this there are many transcription service providers who provide flawless verbatim transcription. Before transcribing any files you need to trust the transcribers and make sure that he or she can do this job efficiently. You also need to determine whether this type of transcription is what you really need. 


When you need Verbatim Transcription?


  • If you want your audio to be transcribed for the analysis purpose then don’t go for editing of transcripts thus you should not paraphrase it. When the speaker emotions need to be captured at that time the verbatim and editing transcription will be helpful in conveying the emotions of the speaker.  
  • Another important use of verbatim transcription is providing the transcripts to the people who are unable to hear. Take the example of movie subtitling. Subtitles are very helpful especially for those who have problem in hearing, for understanding what is happening in the movie. How the people will know that somebody is talking in the background or telephone is ringing and what’s the reaction of this on the speaker. Thus it is important to transcribe every word and every sound which are included in the audio which will help the people to understand more. 


Where to find Verbatim Transcription Experts? 

The audio transcription company such as Transhiva, contains expert transcribers who are trained in generating accurate verbatim transcription. For generating accurate verbatim transcription a transcriber need to have years of experience in transcribing audio verbatim. You don’t need to look for somewhere else as Transhiva provides you with the team of highly trained and experienced transcribers who are expert in delivering expected results. 

There is no computer software that can transcribe every word accurately as dictated, but not yet. Thus if you are looking for a reliable choice to fulfil your transcription needs. Transcribing an audio or a video file is not a simple task as it seems. You need to put extra effort and care while typing each and every word and sound. Our high quality Verbatim Transcription services can be very beneficial and will be very helpful in meeting all your transcription needs.


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