Most home Transcriptionists work off recorded audio; however, real time transcription means listening to live audio and typing it. This requires very high typing speeds, accuracy and specialized stenography equipment. Only the most experienced typist can transition to realtime transcription. Read more about real-time transcription.

Realtime Cautioner - Of all the real-time writing jobs, this is the one most likely to be done from home. This type of captioning is providing text for live video.

Court Reporter - Court reporting takes training and certification is nearly always done on site. Court reporters who want to work at home can transition to captioner, scopist or legal Transcriptionist.

CART Provider - Communication access real-time translation (CART) is providing captioning for deaf or people with hearing impairments in “real time.” It is often done in person in meetings, conferences, legislative sessions and schools; however in some circumstances, it can be done with the CART transcriptionist working from a remote location.

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