Internet marketing on search engines and web portals is the need of the time for every business and profession irrespective of its business size. Many organizations have their part contents in the form of podcast recordings. The internet search engines do not recognize the audio formats for better listing of the website whereas they only recognize the written content. Many organizations, authors, professors, singers, gurus, and other professionals have been benefitted by converting their podcast recordings into the text and have used that content for training, internet marketing, etc. Many organizations are taking advantage of podcast transcription and have found it a great revenue source. Authors have got their podcasts transcribed and uploaded them as eBook on their websites and found a new revenue model where the whole world has become their market. Individuals and SMEs can get their podcast recordings into well formatted to cover their product and service area globally without spending time on writing the contents about their products and services.

Podcasts or webcasts are a series of digital media files that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. Podcasting or webcasting is a cost-effective way to prepare product and service demos, marketing materials and tutorials to educate and persuade customers and potential clients alike. Podcast transcription is converting your audio podcast into written form.

In today’s world, podcasts and webcasts are a growing method of sending your message out to more than just your local community. When you post a podcast or host a webcast be sure to include a transcript of the event. Transcripts help increase your search ability because all the keywords of your discussion are embedded in the text. It also offers your listeners another option for reviewing for transcription. For podcasts and webcasts, all you have to do is what was said during the webcast or on your podcast. It allows your podcast to become searchable, so it can be found by more people. Along the same lines, it serves a search engine optimization (SEO) purpose, as the text can now be indexed by a search engine’s robots. These robots cannot scan an audio file.

Those who cannot listen to your podcast, for example hearing loss sufferers, people without audio output devices, etc. will now be able to consume it by reading the transcript instead of listening to it. You can add links to the transcript, allowing viewers to quickly visit any and all websites that you mention in the podcast. Many individuals read along as they listen to the podcast, which reinforces the content you are sharing. Others prefer to read versus listen – two options are better than one.

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