Lecture Transcription can be defined as the process of transcribing lectures, seminars or presentations delivered by deans, professors, keynote speakers, researcher, lecturers, teachers etcetera in classrooms, lecture halls and colleges. Studies have shown that written transcripts and oral lectures are equally effective as a system of information transmission, but according to the scientific study transcripts are about 70% more effective than lectures. A lecture-transcript format yields flexibility and increases the ability to understand the meaning and importance of the specific topic or lecture so delivered. As we all know that memory fades very fast, as per one biological study so conducted on memory, it has been shown that without any review, 47% of what a person has just learned is forgotten in the first 20 minutes, and 62% is forgotten after the first day. Recorded lectures are more easily and efficiently imbibed when they are accompanied by a lecture transcript. Lecture transcription, not only increases the approachability, but also acts as an effective studying and teaching methodology for students and professors. Transcription of lectures serves many different purposes. Professionals, students, teachers, lectures, all frequently require a complete written explanation of speeches or lectures. Moreover time code extensions with the transcript serves easy quote recognition and sound/video clips reference. Time codes also help keeping all the media readily approachable and organized besides captioning or subtitling a speech or lecture.

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