Interview Transcription is a generic term that refers to a word-to-word textual description of a recorded or live interview. In simple words, it can be defined as a conversion of any question-answer session between two or more people into written documents. This can be a one-on-one interview or a group transcription or a telephonic interview transcription, etcetera. Questions and time code may or may not be included in interview dictation transcription, depending on the client requirement. Interview transcripts can be either verbatim or an intelligent verbatim transcript. Interview transcription is essential in identifying the key topics discussed in an interview. Interview transcription is required by many firms such as market research companies, universities carrying out research project, academic scholars for their research, professors for their projects and presentations. Students also undertake research interviews as part of their coursework as interview transcription helps in making the information more manageable and allow including it in a final published product. Journalists record interviews to be published in magazines and newspapers. There are also other uses of interview transcription.

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