If you have to outsource your transcription jobs then how long you expect that the transcripts should be delivered. Many of the service providers may offer you 24 hours of transcription turnaround time, but some fail to provide but Transhiva guarantees to do so. If you want your transcription on time then you can ask your transcribers or transcription service provider to send the transcripts on the same day, and they must provide as the promise. For successful transcription business the main essential thing is fast transcription turnaround time. The companies or the individuals who want their records transcribed on time, for them the important factor is the choice of right transcription company.

Turnaround Time Transcription 

According to your need you will discharge your transcription job to the expert transcribers. More likely you will expect your transcripts within 24 hours not after one to two days or after a week. According to your need and urgency we set the transcription turnaround time within the 24 hour or days according to your choice. At some instances when people are unable to determine the exact Turn Around Time (TAT) they need to set on their files. Here are some of the common factors which affect the turnaround time of the video, audio and movie transcripts. By the help of this you can easily determine the time that your file can be sent back to you.

Factors which affect turnaround time transcription


  • Quality of the audio: A 1 hour recording with no noise clear sound normally takes 2 to 4 hours for transcription without including the review time. On the other hand a video or audio or movie files that contains lot of background noises or a very low quality of recording devices. Then this will slow down the process and even affect the turnaround time transcription.
  • Accent: The speaker’s accents may even affect the turnaround time of the transcripts. If a person consist of strong accents then the transcriber need to understand it better. They need to listen and re-listen the audio in order to make sure that everything is accurately transcribed.
  • Number of Speakers: If a recording consists of one or two speakers and does not contain any problem are relatively easy to transcribe. In case if the audio consists audio files which has more than two speakers then it will take time to indentify and to become familiar with the voice. There are many speakers who may speak too quickly or too loud or to low in a very different accent. For these the transcribers need to go slow in order to carefully listen or re-listen what speakers is saying.
  • Subject: A normal day to day conversation recordings are very easy to transcribe but on the other hand if the subject matter are of law, real estate or healthcare then for transcribing them requires a lot of research work for indentifying what the exact thing the speaker wants to say.

All these factors which are mentioned above affects the turnaround time and the price of the transcripts. If you transcribe by hiring the expert transcription service then you need to worry about TAT as it guarantees you the TAT what you want. However the things mentioned above will help you in setting up the realistic expectations for what you have to pay for your expected transcripts. By this you will be sure that you will get 100% accurate results by your transcribers. Transhiva offers you with various TAT options that will guarantee you with timely and accurate transcripts at very affordable rates. 

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