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For an organization or a business meetings are very essential. It is very critical to communicate with others and to achieve the goals in an organization. Sometimes recordings of the meetings are done by the secretary. But the secretaries make a note of the meetings and its vital details. So in order to have a detailed and complete record of the meetings to make use of it effectively you need to get it transcribed.    

Transcription of Online Meetings 

Some of the modern technologies which have opened a lot of possibility for organize meeting in a convenient way such as telecommunication and web conference. This provides you with the privilege to work in your comfort from your home. While the meetings are done online in a virtual meeting room and the files are stored in the cloud. In such cases the meetings are recorded and are reviewed later on. In order to have a total record of the complete recordings you need to transcribe the recordings.   

Confidentiality of the Online Teleconferencing or Online Meeting Transcription


Although you may find various transcription software but none of them can be as powerful as the human transcribers can be in terms of accuracy. However some of the people still stick to these programs just because of the confidentiality issues. As they are afraid, that their information may get leak out to other people. But the human transcribers are bound to strict rules for non-disclosure. Thus if you are transcribing from Transhiva then you must be ensure that clients data are kept confidential. We ensure that we full fill all your concern that is related to teleconference or online meeting transcription. So don’t suffer from inefficient transcripts or risk your project instead of it have faith and leave the job to our highly expert transcribers.

100% reliable teleconference and online transcription services


A business gets a high value if the transcription services are done by humans comparatively when done by the voice recognition or speech to text converting software. The time that is spent in correcting the mistakes done by the software while transcribing, can be utilized for other work. Human transcribers take care of the entire thing from the transcription to proofreading. You can even include the time stamps to have easy review. By transcribing your teleconference transcription task outsource you can save a lot of time. For this you need not to go anywhere else as Transhiva provides you with high speech accurate transcripts as you need along with it the confidentiality are also maintained. Get 100% trusted and efficient teleconference and online meeting transcription services guaranteed. 

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